What is the Sedibeng Agri Summit?

The Sedibeng District Municipality with its local municipalities in partnership with the private sector will be hosting and launching the inaugural Sedibeng Agri Summit.

The purpose for the Summit it is to profile the farmers in the Vaal and to resuscitate the agricultural sector, which is described as the food basket of Gauteng Province.

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Gauteng Premier Hon. David Makhura, has in his State of the Province Address set the agenda for the growth, development and promotion of an Agricultural Hub in the Sedibeng District Municipality.

In aligning with the provincial directive the SDM will host a two-day summit, the inaugural Sedibeng Agri Summit on the 12th and 13th of May 2022 to create interactions, linkages, and collaboration within the industry, under the theme “Farming for a Sustainable Future: Revitalizing & Rejuvenating the Sedibeng Economy” . To be hosted in partnership with the private sector and both the National and provincial governments the summit will allow for unlocking strengths and the building of synergies towards a sustainable future.

The Sedibeng Agri Summit 2022 will cover the key sectors of Agriculture and discuss various issues and challenges that the modern agriculture system is facing. The Summit programme will comprise of plenary sessions, oral presentations, breakaway sessions and business to business meetings.

Sedibeng District Municipality is touted as a food basket for the Gauteng Province due to its peri-urban character, meaning it comprises strong traits of both the rural and urban. In 2017, the Gauteng Province developed a Gauteng Rural Development Plan (GRDP) and in 2018 the Sedibeng District Municipality subsequently developed a Sedibeng District Rural Development Plan (SDRDP) for the region. The GRDP identified and delineated 9 Functional Rural Regions, whereby SDM covers 4 of the 9 regions, that being Regions 4, 5, 6 and 7. This is indicative of the rural potential that is prevalent in the district which demonstrates the Agricultural and Tourism potential in the district municipality.

By virtue of being a food basket with huge agricultural and tourism potential, the SDM has taken it upon itself to focus on its comparative advantage and market its competitive advantages. This will enable the district to not only compete in the local market, but to contribute to the provincial Growth Domestic Product and be active in the global market. This to align the District Municipality with the province, country, continent and the globe around the current economic revolution – digitalization.

The summit content, speakers, presentations, research will be themed around:

Agricultural Investment & Trade
Modernize and Reindustrialise the AgriFood Sector
Funding Opportunities
Linking the rural economy to the urban economy