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Speeches by the Executive Mayor

The Executive Mayors speeches are listed in reverse date order (latest first)

03.04.2014 Introduction at the Southern Gauteng Water Week
21.03.2014 Vote of thanks on Human Rights Day
16.03.2014 Indigenous Gospel Competitions
12.03.2014 Unveiling of the plaque at Constitutional Square, Vereeniging
04.03.2014 Address at the Sedibeng District-Wide Mayoral Committees Lekgotla
29.05.2013 State of the District Address 2013
26.09.2012 Sedibeng Heritage Stakeholders Consultation
23.05.2012 State of the District Address 2012
16.11.2011 IDP Steering Committee
15.11.2011 Mayoral Investment Council
15.11.2011 Launch of Sedibeng United Business Forum
08.11.2011 196th Meeting of the Mayoral Committee
26.10.2011 Joint PMT Forum
19.10.2011 ANC Councilors District-wide Whippery Lekgotla
09.10.2011 Academic and Exam Prayer Seminar
05.10.2011 56th Meeting of Council
05.10.2011 195th Meeting of the Mayoral Committee
19.09.2011 The Sedibeng District-wide Mayoral Lekgotla
17.09.2011 Burial of the Mngomezulu and Thuwe Families
03.09.2011 27th Anniversary of the Vaal Uprisings
03.09.2011 September 3 Notes
01.09.2011 Memorial Lecture for the 27th Anniversary of the Vaal Uprisings
22.08.2011 194th Meeting of the Mayoral Committee
10.08.2011 55th Meeting of Council
06.08.2011 Unveiling of the Tombstone of Bavumile Vilakazi
03.08.2011 192nd Meeting of the Mayoral Committee
20.07.2011 Joint Mayor’s Forum
23.06.2011 Emfuleni Local Municipality Lekgotla
14.06.2011 Inaugural Address
10.06.2011 191st Meeting of the Mayoral Committee
09.06.2011 Visit by the Mauritius Delegation
04.06.2011 Burial of the Mabasa Family
31.05.2011 COSAS Memorial Lecture
26.05.2011 Acceptance Address
13.05.2011 Farewell Function of Cllr Busisiswe Modisakeng
10.05.2011 189th Meeting of the Mayoral Committee
07.05.2011 Funeral of Florinda Jacobs
20.04.2011 State of the District Address 2011- Gala Dinner Address
20.04.2011 State of the District Address 2011
20.04.2011 31th Special Meeting of the Mayoral Committee
20.04.2011 22nd Special Meeting of Council
20.04.2011 54th Meeting of Council
18.04.2011 188th Meeting of the Mayoral Committee
18.04.2011 Handover of Madiba Road in Lesedi
07.04.2011 Sedibeng Investor Conference
07.04.2011 Sedibeng Investment Conference Gala Dinner
06.04.2011 30th Special Meeting of the Mayoral Committee
06.04.2011 Gauteng Provincial Imbizo
01.04.2011 Sedibeng AIDS Council Meeting
31.03.2011 Human Rights Memorial Lecture
28.03.2011 53rd Meeting of Council
27.03.2011 Sedibeng Choral Festival
23.03.2011 Premier’s Imbizo held in Mamello
23.03.2011 Sedibeng SDBIP Workshop
22.03.2011 29th Meeting of the Mayoral Committee
21.03.2011 51st Anniversary of the Sharpeville Massacre
18.03.2011 Premier’s Coordinating Forum
18.03.2011 Launch of Men in Christ Ministry at the Maranatha Church
17.03.2011 Official opening of the Agricultural Field of study at the Hoerskool Vereeniging
16.03.2011 Public Participation Stakeholder engagement with Business and the Labour
14.03.2011 29th Special Meeting of the Mayoral Committee
14.03.2011 Public Participation Stakeholder engagement with CBO's and NGO’s
11.03.2011 Public Participation with Veppa, Khulumani Support and the Ex-combatants
11.03.2011 Launch of the Community Orientated Primary Care
10.03.2011 Public Participation with People living with Disabilities and the Elderly
08.03.2011 Public Participation with the Youth, Women and Religious Groupings
05.03.2011 St. John Ambulance Brigade Volunteer Day
02.03.2011 Launch of the Taxi Signaling Device
17.02.2011 28th Special Meeting of the Mayoral Committee
16.02.2011 Joint Mayor’s Forum
13.02.2011 2011 Local Government Election Prayer
07.02.2011 Hand-over of Houses in Tshepong Extension 2
07.02.2011 Hand-over of House to the Orphans in Lakeside
05.02.2011 The burial of the late Mme MaMadintja Mbatha
03.02.2011 Mayoral Investment Council
26.01.2011 52nd Meeting of Council
26.01.2011 185th Meeting of the Mayoral Committee
20.01.2011 184th Meeting of the Mayoral Committee
15.01.2011 Burial of Florina Mosele Maphalla
14.01.2011 Learner Awards in Sedibeng
13.01.2011 183rd Meeting of the Mayoral Committee
12.01.2011 Handing over of the Gravestones to the families of the Nangalembel Massacre
12.01.2011 20th Anniversary of the Nangalembe Night Vigil Massacre - Main Address
12.01.2011 20th Anniversary of the Nangalembe Night Vigil Massacre - Interview
01.01.2011 Annual New Year’s Celebration with the Survivors and  Families of Victoms
31.12.2010 Candle Light Celebration
21.12.2010 Christmas Lunch with the Elderly
18.12.2010 Burial of the late Nkgono Ramothibe
15.12.2010 Year End Function
06.12.2010 Role of the University in Sedibeng Economic Development
05.12.2010 Launch of the Green Door Campaign: 16 Days of Activism
03.12.2010 Constitution Signing Celebration
03.12.2010 World Cup Legacy
02.12.2010 100 Days Service Delivery Projects Report Back
01.12.2010 51th Meeting of the Council
01.12.2010 World AIDS Day
30.11.2010 ABSA Cheque Handover
30.11.2010 Gauteng Census 2011 Launch
28.11.2010 Report Back in Tshepiso North Ext 3 (Phase 4)
27.11.2010 Taking Back the Night
26.11.2010 Official Opening of the Randvaal Library
23.11.2010 Remuneration Committee
23.11.2010 181st Mayoral Committee Meeting
20.11.2010 Emfuleni Annual People’s Assembly
17.11.2010 Intergovernmental Relations & Coordination & Service Delivery Conference 2010
16.11.2010 180th Mayoral Committee Meeting
05.11.2010 Official Handover of a Mobile Science Laboratory
29.10.2010 Launch of the GEGDS and Maize Triangle Conceptual Framework
29.10.2010 Visit to the Groenpunt Correctional Facility
26.10.2010 Sod Turning at Bophelong
22.10.2010 Launch of the Interim Regioanl Tourism Association
21.10.2010 IDP Review Consultative Process with the Youth and people with disabilities
20.10.2010 179th Mayoral Committee meeting
15.10.2010 Work for Hope
13.10.2010 IDP Review Consultative Process with the Khulumani, MKMVA and VEPA
12.10.2010 Establishment of the Sedibeng Development Agency
11.10.2010 IDP Review consultation with the NGO’s & CBOs Sectors
08.10.2010 IDP Review consultation with the Religious & Senior Citizens Sectors
04.10.2010 Walk for Hope
29.09.2010 Gala Dinner held in Maseru during the "Journey of Living History"
21.09.2010 Matriculation Examinations Prayer Day
18.09.2010 DM Khunou Choral Festival
12.09.2010 Funeral Service of Aupa John Hlomuka
05.09.2010 Sedibeng Annual Air Show
04.09.2010 Official Opening of Imbali Combined School in Orange Farm
03.09.2010 26th Anniversary of the Vaal Uprising
02.09.2010 Vaal Uprisings Memorial Lecture
01.09.2010 50th Meeting of the Council
05.08.2010 4th Women in Prayer Day
04.08.2010 World Cup Volunteers Certification Ceremony
29.07.2010 Co-operatives Consultative Conference
29.07.2010 National Teachers Awards
28.07.2010 PMT Meeting - Regional Sewer Scheme
28.07.2010 District-wide Mayoral Imbizo
28.07.2010 Joint Mayoral Meeting
25.07.2010 Thanking of Police at the Trinity Community Church
22.07.2010 Launch of the Women Month Programme
21.07.2010 Speakers Forum - Knowledge Exchange Programme
20.07.2010 176th Mayoral Committee Meeting
18.07.2010 Funeral Service of Nana Coyote Motijoane
16.07.2010 International Nelson Mandela Day
15.07.2010 Memorial Service of Nana Coyote Motijoane
14.07.2010 Goodbye 2010 FIFA Soccer World Cup Gala Dinner
08.07.2010 World Premier: "Ma-Brrr comes Alive" Musical
07.07.2010 FIFA World Cup - Second Semi-Final
26.05.2010 State of the District Address
25.05.2010 Africa Day
14.05.2010 Political Steering Committee Meeting
14.05.2010 Closing Address - Joint Mayoral Lekgotla
12.05.2010 Opening Address - Joint Mayoral Lekgotla
12.05.2010 National Archives Week
05.05.2010 IDP Business Consultative Breakfast Meeting
04.05.2010 Government Planning, Policy Development & Implementation Conference 2010
30.04.2010 Visit by Committee on Trade & International Relations
28.04.2010 2010 Projects Political Steering Committee Meeting
22.04.2010 Regenesys Speech
21.04.2010 The visit of the Switzerland Ambassador
20.04.2010 Sedibeng Tourism Awards
11.04.2010 The Funeral of Mr. Samuel Japhta Motsoari
01.04.2010 Political Steering Committee Meeting
24.03.2010 4 Nations Soccer - Media Draw
03.03.2010 Gauteng Imbizo - Meyerton Town Hall
25.02.2010 169th Mayoral Committee Meeting
23.02.2010 World Wetlands Day
27.01.2010 UK launch of Aaron Mokoena Foundation
25.01.2010 46th Ordinary Council Sitting - Address
22.01.2010 Making schools work campaign launch
19.01.2010 167th Mayoral Committee Meeting
16.01.2010 The burial of Mother President N.O. Matshedisho
16.01.2010 The burial of King Zwelithini's Son
13.01.2010 Education Imbizo - Address
12.01.2010 Nangalembe Massacre Commemoration
01.01.2010 Survivors Lunch - Address
03.12.2009 Mayoral Imbizo - Address
02.12.2009 45th Ordinary Council Siting - Address
18.12.2009 Year end message
18.12.2009 Special Council Sitting
17.12.2009 Christmas Carols - Address
12.12.2009 Opening of the Rivers of Living Waters Ministries
09.12.2009 Word of Faith Christian Centre Awards
08.12.2009 Campaign against the abuse of alcohol - Address
01.12.2009 World Aids Day - Keynote Address
30.11.2009 People with Disability Workshop - Address
27.11.2009 Provincial Transport Summit
23.10.2009 OR Tambo Inter-municipal Games - Dinner
23.10.2009 Koinonia Bible School - Prayer Meeting
16.10.2009 Clean Audit & Records Awards
29.09.2009 SACE Keynote Address
08.08.2009 Lekoa Athletics Club
06.08.2009 Social Crime Prevention
06.08.2009 Soil turning at Kanguru Home for the Disabled
05.08.2009 Women's Council Meeting
10.07.2009 Steel Sector Forum Launch
17.06.2009 State of the District Address
06.04.2009 Keynote Address - Sedibeng Health Summit
01.04.2009 National Water Month
27.02.2009 Launch of Bophelong Thusong Service
26.02.2009 Knowledge Management Reference Group
21.03.2009 Human Rights Day Rally - Welcome
20.03.2009 GDE Human Rights Imbizo
19.03.2009 Introduction of Speaker - Memorial Lecture
19.03.2009 Closing Remarks - Cleaning of the Graves
19.03.2009 Welcome - 2009 Interfaith Prayer Session
13.03.2009 Four Nations Soccer Tournament - Reception
25.02.2009 Sedibeng Cricket Association Gala Dinner
21.02.2009 Baton Handover Cleaner Gauteng Mini Launch
20.02.2009 Youth Voter Education Festival
20.02.2009 AgriBEE Empowerment Project Launch
19.02.2009 Provincial Government Imbizo
14.02.2009 Gauteng Clean-up Campaign Mini Launch
13.02.2009 Vaal Matric Awards
01.02.2009 18th Anniversary of the Evaton Massacre
24.01.2009 Launch of the Community Investment Fund
01.01.2009 4th Annual Commemoration of Sedibeng Victims
09.12.2008 Taxi Address
03.12.2008 Acceptance & Inauguration Speeches

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