Sedibeng GDS2


Stakeholder Engagement

Sedibeng's strength is its people. GDS 2 is a strategy for the people. It must also be a strategy of the people.

Stakeholder Process to Finalize GDS 2

The next phase of GDS 2 will be that of extensive stakeholder engagement with this draft of GDS 2. This phase in April and May 2012, will culminate with the final approval of GDS 2 at the end of May will comprise:
Thematic engagement strategies - around key themes and issues to consider from the GDS broadly.
Sector Specific Engagement - with key sectors of our society, including, but not limited to business, institutions of higher learning, the youth, women, the disabled, churches, environmental groups, community safety forums and so on. You are the experts on your sectors. We require you to engage robustly with this draft. Stakeholders are requested to engage with us around what you know, make sure your issues are covered in GDS 2, share the details of your campaigns, and allow Sedibeng to confidently approve a GDS 2 that has taken your interest group into account.
Ward Level Participation – to ensure that the views of all residents of Sedibeng can be incorporated into the final draft of GDS2.

Stakeholder Process to implement and monitor GDS 2

The success of GDS2 requires on-going interaction around the implementation of the flagship project – and a review of delivery of these projects – as well as a review of the enabling and supporting projects that are also taking place by the municipalities and other spheres of government, through private sector investment and through our learning institutions, for example.

A detailed and thorough stakeholder plan will be designed and driven by the Sedibeng District Municipality, firstly, to get to the finalization of GDS 2, and secondly to take part in, and monitor implementation over the next 5 years. A range of strategies and media will be employed to ensure your voice is heard. Please make sure you have your say! This is a 20 year conversation.


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